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Hal Linton talks Technicolour

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Hal Linton talks Technicolour

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Barbadian singer, songwriter, producer Hal Linton is talking to the WEEKEND NATION about why he is no longer signed to Motown, his duet with fellow Bajan singer Shontelle on his new 14-track EP, Technicolour, and how the music industry is his hardest venture so far.

This EP, says Hal, has been a lot of “sleepless nights – many spent writing and in the studio”.

Technicolour is so called because “life is never one colour. The colour spectrum is vast and that’s how I wanted this project to be interpreted. Music is for everyone”, took a few months to finish, since Hal was still writing and producing for other artistes.
“Some of the music are a little bit of truth, a little bit of fiction. The writing process came from me just wanting to share stories of what I have been through with my fans. I want my music to be the soundtrack of life, real experiences, real feelings, real stories . . . . A little bit of a bio piece in a way.”

Full story in tomorrow’s WEEKEND NATION