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Risk ride

Carlos Atwell

Risk ride

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THE POLICE are not yet raising the alarm over the deaths of three motorcyclists in the space of three weeks.
Station Sergeant Rodney Inniss of the Traffic Division said there was no trend of motorcycle deaths, but cautioned those who used the vehicles to exercise greater caution.
“Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable people on the road. It doesn’t matter how good a [rider] you are, remember you are balancing on two wheels. Wear safety helmets, which are a must by law, and ensure your head is secure in [it]. Do not wear caps, hard hats or football helmets; wear a certified motorcycle safety helmet.
“As for pillion riders who may think they can take a chance because they are not going far, remember it only takes a split second to get seriously injured or killed,” he said in a telephone interview on Saturday.
Here, Vehicular traffic along Spring Garden Highway, St Michael, was forced to slow down yesterday as a group of young cyclists took control.The young men, performing various stunts such as the wheelie (above), were spread across the highway and were clearly placing having a good time before personal safety.Police said bicyclists such as these and motorcyclists were among the most vulnerable road users and had to adhere to the law or face prosecution.President of the Barbados Road Safety Association, Sharmane Roland-Bowen, pleaded with young men who performed reckless stunts on the road to think of their families and children who would suffer should they be killed.