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What’s Trending: Eyes on QEH

Looka Lew, [email protected]

What’s Trending: Eyes on QEH

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The Queen Elizabeth Hospital was the focus of the attention today for our online readers.
Former Minister of Health Jerome Walcott described the hospital as “a virtual mess” when he was speaking at the official opening of his Christ Church South constituency office on Maxwell Coast Road on Sunday night.
Readers weighed in.
Devaron Bruce: “So the QEH has 780 nursing positions filled, the other 66 nurses represent eight per cent of the nurse quota 92 percent of nurses are on the job. Mess is a strong word…”
Kemar Bacchanal Sobers: “Not having a full quota of nurses for the QEH reduces the quality of healthcare and increases the chance of more serious injuries and even death. In addition, it is not only that we have persons going to the QEH and without being evaluated thoroughly they are asked to sit and wait until they can be looked at and trust me I have evidence of this occurring. So it’s not just the nurses read the article in its entirety and you will see why it’s a mess.”
De Jay: “My grandmother was recently in the hospital and received first class service. The QEH is in much better shape than it was in 2000-2008, that is a fact!”
Andrew Walker: “I stayed in there twice over the last two years – nothing but first class service.”