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Dead teen was a ‘mama’s boy’

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Dead teen was a ‘mama’s boy’

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DEVON TAYLOR, the 16-year-old boy who was fatally stabbed on Saturday during a dispute with another youth, was described as a “mama’s boy” who did everything he could for his mother and four younger siblings.
In a telephone interview yesterday, his greataunt Georgia Burnette said Devon often helped around the house and was the apple of his mother Sabrina Taylor’s eye.
“He was very friendly and helpful and was always a mama’s boy. She [Taylor] was so attached to her five kids and he was her firstborn,” she said.
Burnette said Taylor had taken the death of her son hard and, coupled with the death of her grandmother Eunitha Taylor-Wiggins – Burnette’s mother – last Thursday as a result of a massive stroke, was now hospitalized. She said Taylor was “looking a little better” since the incident.