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Easy Sunday at Crystal Waters

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Easy Sunday at Crystal Waters

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Sunday afternoon at Worthing, Christ Church, was a time for many to unwind after having a taste of local cuisine.
The atmosphere was one that reflected a paradise in the Caribbean.
The bobbing boats anchored just a few metres away from the shore painted their own picture on the aquamarine water.
The white sandy beach matched the hue of the tranquil water to produce a restful mood for those who reclined on the beach as if they had not a care in the world.
A mix of locals and visitors peacefully co-existed. They were all in their own paradise.  
However, most of the action surrounded the long established Crystal Waters Beach Bar. On the beachfront, veteran chef Robert Noel was ensuring the patrons enjoyed the sumptuous offerings from his grill. These included beef steak, pork chops, lamb, chicken and fish. Along with these meats, the patrons had a choice of rice and peas, macaroni pie, potato salad and tossed salad.
Rohan Moore, who is among those who have been working at Crystal Waters for over 25 years, was also on the beachfront assisting with the food preparation and barbecuing.
Richard Noel, Robert’s son, was also part of the culinary process and was seen ferrying salads from the kitchen to the beachfront.
Another long-standing worker, Hyacinth Mapp, who has been attending to the needs of the clients for over 25 years on Sundays and Friday nights, was also seen freely mixing with them ensuring that everything was to their satisfaction and that they were comfortable.
Among those we met was well known Barbadian cultural icon and Kadooment bandleader, Betty West.
She exuded her perennial charm and quite freely spoke to us. She admitted that she was a regular at Crystal Waters Beach Bar on Sundays because she found it a very relaxing place to be.
As we sat watching the folks dancing, Betty declared: “It’s about enjoying yourselves, regardless of age.”
Lilli Gibbs, another regular, who lives in Welches, also spoke highly of the beach bar.  
“This is a good way to unwind, to have some fun and mix with some good people.”
A group from the north, who sat nearer to the bar from whence the Bajan-flavoured rum punches were flowing, was in very good spirits.
Solly White, Andrew and Karene Roach were clearly very relaxed and enjoying themselves. Solly and Andrew have been frequent visitors to the bar and Solly, the lead spokesman, was high in praise for the bar since he found it a great way to relax on a Sunday afternoon.
“The atmosphere is good here.”
For Karene, this was her second visit. She had heard so much about the Sunday experience that she came along. Now, she is hooked.
The music of solo artiste Andy Ingraham, former guitarist and lead singer of musical group Jade, added much flavour to the ambience.
The popular international hits of the 1970s and 1980s were the primary musical fare on offer and the folks either quietly enjoyed it from their own vantage point or gravitated towards the dance floor.  
We spoke to Andy who told us that he plays at the bar every two weeks and alternates with Mr Impact, a well-known pannist and calysonian.
For both Andy and Mr Impact, the tourist market brings life to their musical professions.
On Sunday, the folks had a good time as they enjoyed a slice of Bajan life.