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Probe it!

Tony Best

Probe it!

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A Caribbean human rights group in New York wants Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to order a probe into the case of a man found dead “under suspicious” circumstances in Barbados.
Rickford Burke, president of the Caribbean-Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID), has written to Stuart calling for “an independent and fair inquiry” into the death of Clinton Norton, whose parents are from Barbados and Guyana.
Norton’s body was found in Liquidation Centre, Bay?Street, on September 3, and CGID?quoted the Barbados police as saying that the father of a teenage son had broken into the building, cut himself in the process and bled to death.
The CGID insists workers at the Liquidation Centre saw blood on the floor when they opened the building and called police who responded and “took a report and left”. When the employees searched the building, they “stumbled upon Norton’s body covered with plywood in a pile of dust”.