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What’s Trending: Students suspended

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What’s Trending: Students suspended

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
Our online readers are out of the gates early today with comments on the story that 265 students from the Graydon Sealy Secondary School received suspension letters for alleged uniform infringements.
Parents are angry and are demanding the immediate withdrawal of the letters issued by the principal Matthew Farley.
The action follows Monday’s all-school inspection, carried out by Farley and other senior teachers, which ended with the issuing of the controversial letters of suspension to members of the 942-strong student body.
Our readers have been voicing their views on this issue:
John Da Silva: “A child’s right to an education should not be trampled on for such trivial issues.”
Nikita Moore: “I’m new to this debate but I think this principal is trying to distract because his method makes no sense. I really hope that after all of this a Garrison education has merit.”
Desareen Waithe: “My daughter was 1 out the 265 that was sent home saying her uniform was to big this whole situation is such a mess I think higher authorities should step in at this point…”
Jay Butcher: “What all of you should be doing is supporting the schools, and school rules. Young people aren’t the problem it is the adults that set double standards.”
Kezi Watson: “Seriously, this man is just looking for attention. Those uniforms are well done and they all look respectable. I see no problem with how their uniforms look. They look the right length, their shoes are the right kind and none of them have ridiculous hair dos or anything of the sort. Yes, they are some who probably broke the rules but I doubt that over 200 students did.”
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