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Red-hot Ri-Ri

Natanga Smith

Red-hot Ri-Ri

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With talk of a reconciliation with Chris Brown still swirling around, Rihanna, 24, kept herself busy in the studios of Los Angeles tying up the latest album Unapologetic this past week and will let her November Vogue cover shoot and interview speak for themselves.
In a behind-the-scenes video posted on and on other Internet sites, viewers will see famed photographer Annie Leibovitz behind the lens and Ri-Ri changing into different outfits and showcasing her modelling skills.
The video starts off with sports utility vehicles travelling down a countryside road, then shows Rihanna in a series of dresses with the crew doing everything, including holding a shovel with sand to create a windy effect.
This is Rihanna’s second Vogue cover.
“Since my first Vogue cover I’ve gotten a lot more fearless, a lot freer,” she said while down between shoots. “. . . A lot more comfortable with who I am. As I have changed and [grown] up, I have started to embrace that.
“I have started to infuse that in my fashion as well as my music. It’s pretty much exposed me to the fans. They get to see that change . . . that evolution.”
The video cuts to her in a black dress in a desert-like setting and then lying and writhing in the sunburnt grass in a red lace dress.
She also changes into a purple dress and a red and black lace cutout topless dress – both for shot in the woods.
In explaining her new sound, she said:?“When people listen to my new album, I want them to walk away with a spirit of hope . . . like a light spirit. That’s the place I’m in and I want them to see that; I want them to feel that.”
On her hair, she said:?“I love cutting my hair. The shorter it got, the more I was falling in love with it. I felt the long hair was holding me back a little bit . . . . I felt like brand new.
On her self-expression: “Femininity has a lot to do with self-expression, individuality. Not being afraid to be yourself and embrace who you are in every way. The beauty of being a woman is that there are so many different colours to us . . . so many different layers; so many different types. There is only one of you.”