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Couple offering reward for return of stolen items

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Couple offering reward for return of stolen items

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A BRITISH COUPLE are offering a $3 000 reward for the return of their stolen goods or for information leading to conviction of the burglar(s).
John and Marjorie Davis, who have visited Barbados more than 60 times since 1994 and were married here in 1995, said that during their recent visit, their villa was burgled while they were on the beach between 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Friday, October 5.
Of the items stolen, three in particular are of great sentimental value: a Dell 820 laptop computer with a memory card containing vital business information and years of personal photos; a Nokia N5 phone that is now blocked but with a memory card containing 1 000 irreplaceable photos, including many of Marjorie’s now deceased mother and her grandchildren; and Marjorie’s gold watch (pictured), one of a matching pair that the couple bought in Barbados a few years ago. It’s a very distinctive Raymond Weil “Parsifal” with white face and gold bracelet.
The couple strongly believed, from the careful way the burglary was carried out, that the criminals clearly knew the property layout. They also noted that this was the third time the property had been burgled in a few months.
They are appealing to anyone who can help find the stolen items, or provide confidential information to identify the culprits, to inform the police or contact them at [email protected] (SP)