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Situation still simmering

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Situation still simmering

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THE MAKING UP may be official, even if no hugs and kisses were involved. But Cou Cou has learnt that before all can be declared healed in a certain organization, a number of other situations which have caused friction between a top politico and others still need to be resolved.
One bitter case involves someone once known for his self-declared sweetness. The man feels the politico does not deserve to be heralded because, in his view, the individual does not show the empathy for ordinary people, even though the person’s talk would make one believe differently.
Using himself as an example, the man told Cou Cou how hard he worked in the times of plenty on behalf of the politico, but was not treated right.
According to the man, the politico was instrumental in stopping his ten per cent commission. The sum would have been enough to buy a small house to rent out, so he vex, vex, vex.
So, though it is said there’s no window dressing up front, some bit players in the ranks are not happy.

Who spilled the beans?
MEETINGS WERE HELD almost every day this week, at a place that is no stranger to controversy, over the information revealed at an opposition political gathering on Sunday.
Cou Cou was reliably informed that the chairman of the board, as well as the chief executive officer, held meetings with those concerned to reassure staff they understood the shortfalls in personnel and needed equipment, and promised they would expedite getting them.
But what the top brass at this institution really want to know is who spilled the beans on their shortcomings. Given the classified nature of the information, they know it is someone high up in the chain of command. But what they can’t figure out is who the mole is.
Facebook house
A POLITICO created a stir this week by proudly posting his house on his Facebook page. Within 36 hours he had 101 responses to the image of his well appointed green coloured edifice, with his SUV parked snugly in the two-car garage.
Anyone who owns a home that lovely would be proud to show it off too, but some of those who viewed the page were disgusted.
“I have been to [the politico’s constituency] and I saw poor people with houses dropping down; I even saw about four pit toilets and people living in poverty; and this is how the rep . . . living? Well, well,” said one critical comment.
“Is this meant as a slap in the face?
. . . Seriously,” opined another.
“You see why I don’t like to get into politics? Now [calling the politico’s name] makes it seem like he is for the people while living lavishly and not doing anything for his constituents. I would be shame to post a pic of my house on election eve knowing that I have done nothing under the sun for the people of [the politico’s constituency].
Other commentators were, however, not as critical. From the admiring comment, “That house has to cost millions” to “Could it be that maybe he takes pride in where he lays his head at night? You can be poor and still have a nice house. Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you let things go by the wayside”.
Another said: “We mustn’t begrudge the man his home. He worked hard in his own interest and acquired his property. Let us give that to him. What we need to see now, however, is real progress for the people . . .”