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Speak out, economists!

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Speak out, economists!

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 A VETERAN ECONOMIST is calling on academics, especially those trained in economics, to investigate and speak frankly on investments and loans which the Government is undertaking and which previous Governments made in the not-too-distant past.
Tennyson Beckles, a retired economist and human resources consultant, made the call during yesterday’s lecture at Democratic Labour Party headquarters, George Street, Belleville, St Michael, specifying issues like Barbados’ recent application to the Inter-American Development Bank for a $66 million loan to provide the country with balance of payments support, Government’s investment in the Four Seasons Resort and the Gems of Barbados project.
“Now that I’m retired and I look at some of these things, I talk to people who have studied economics and I ask, ‘What is the purpose of the economics that you’ve studied if you cannot tell me what will be the consequences if Barbados spends money on Four Seasons?’.
“This kind of knowledge should be coming into this society that is financing you up there at Cave Hill,” he said in response to questions from the audience in the Errol Barrow Gallery. (RJ)