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Who’s running the show?

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Who’s running the show?

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IT SEEMS that a certain Government department is being run by invisible men and women.
That should explain why workers who have been on the job for ten and 20 years have been overlooked for senior positions, while others who spent four years and less have been promoted.
The bosses, whom everyone sees on a daily basis, are saying they don’t know anything about the promotions, not even about the general worker who has moved up the ladder to the revenue department.
So, workers want to know who is really in charge – the bosses who never know, never see and never do – or the invisible men.
A grave matter
If Government has sent notice to all departments to cut down on expenditure, why is it that there are some people who are still working for less than four hours a day and drawing a big salary?
This category of workers who operate as if they are a law unto themselves are still doing minimum work while the people who they used to contract, who are now lawful workers, are still doing all the donkey work.
So it seems that officials of this department who refused to have these workers carefully managed have turned out to be the ones digging their own graves.
Plastic Barbie
Eyebrows are being raised at this non-national woman who can be seen roaming the streets in Holetown on a regular basis wearing a lot of skimpy, barely there outfits.
The young, brown skin woman, who is very pretty and well shaped, has been turning a lot of heads on the West Coast.
But men are being warned to look carefully at this eye candy before they seek to taste it.
From what we understand, this young woman this is nothing but a plastic Barbie.
Her huge hips and big derriere, which she flaunts for all to see, are only looking that perfect thanks to the infamous silicone injections.
True, true, true.
After-school classes
Now that a young woman has bared her soul on radio and exposed how she and her friends were involved with a male teacher at a secondary school, will ministry officials finally take note?
From what she described, they were certainly engaging in a lot of after-school lessons.
Certainly, the things we do for love!
When are politicians going to stop sending every Tom, Dick and Harry to the Welfare Department to get their bills paid?
Apparently, when the hard-working officers carry out investigations on these people they discover that many of them live in mansions, work for good salaries, and can afford to pay their own bills.
Yet they walk in and demand to have their water and electricity bills paid because the politician sent them.
If the officer dares say no, they are verbally abused and threatened by the clients and then raked over the coals by the politicians.
They want to know
People in a certain constituency are seeking answers on how the money was spent by their council. They think this is necessary, given that the head of it is now on his way out.
Among the spending these constituents feel they have a right to know about is the $10 000 given to a church, and $6 000 spent on debushing a small area near a large, successful business.
Those seeking information say they are disappointed so far with the functioning of the council.