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Arthur’s plan for the north


Arthur’s plan for the north

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ONE OF?THE first orders of business in a new Barbados Labour Party administration will be a redevelopment plan for the Scotland District.
The promise was made last night by party leader Owen Arthur as he delivered the main address in Hillaby last night at the nomination of George Payne as the BLP candidate for St Andrew. Arthur said if the BLP was returned to office, it would place emphasis on development of the north of the island.
He described the Scotland District as a place of pride and prosperity, but claimed it had been sadly neglected by the ruling  Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration over the past four years. Arthur said it was time to put Barbados back on a path of growth and development.
“This is not about St Peter’s self-interest. Barbados cannot go forward unless there is a programme of sustainable development for the north that allows the north once again, as it did under the Barbados Labour Party, to make a substantial contribution to the betterment [of] this land,” Arthur said.