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De silly season start up!

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

De silly season start up!

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Dear Nesta,
I gine soon be wishin’you a Merry Chris’mas ef de weeks keep on flyin’ by in dis fashion!
I could hardly believe we nearly at de en’ o’ October a’ready! Time en marchin’, it zoomin’ ‘long!  Anyway, I hope all goin’ well wid you an’ yours, an’ yuh keepin’ de flag flyin’! By de way, I cyahn remember ef wunna Brits celebrate Halloween, but ef so, I hope you en one o’ de new breed o’ Bajans wid dah “trick or treat’ t’ing!
Well, chile, de sleepin’ Democratic Labour Party (DLP) giant wake up an’ now gettin’ ready to put all t’ings in gear fuh dat vict’ry march – whenevuh Mr Stuart decide to announce de election date an’ put Bajans outta duh misery! Dah’s wuh it is right now, wid all de political guessin’ games gine on, day after day, wid evuhbody wonderin’ when “It” comin’! De Bees seem jes’ as sure dem comin’ out de winners, so it should be fun an’ games all ’roun’.
As fuh me, I stoppin’ hey in de Turnin’ an’ waitin’ to see who comin’ “roun” to tell muh ‘bout all de fantastic t’ings duh gine do fuh muh ef duh get my vote! I know, all like now, to see dem agen ef duh win, I would ha’ to buy a newspaper ef muh TV en wukkin’! We might not know de date yet, but de “silly season” start up! I could hardly stop laffin’ when I read wuh Jerome Walcott, former Healf Minister, had to say recently ‘bout de present state o’ de horsepittle! He see it as a “virtual mess” wid a “nursin’ shortage o’ 66”! True, I might get a senior moment sometimes, but I really cyahn remember de horsepittle in any great state when he was in charge, but I could be wrong.
While Jerome was in Chris’ Church tryin’ to p’int out all de t’ings it lackin’, de present Healf Minister, Donville Inniss, was in St James, hailin’ de DLP fuh all de improvements duh been mekkin’ to healf care in de islan’! Yuh onderstan’ now wuh I tellin’ yuh ‘bout de “silly season”?  
I ax Philomena ef she goin’ out to meetin’s, but from de look she gimmuh, I en t’ink so! She say I could go ‘long an’ ketch de night dew ef I want”. She went las’ time, an’ look de state she in now. Right off, she road tax went flyin’ up, de high food prices en down yet, an’ she still lookin’ out to hear de date when CLICO payin’ out money to she an’ all dem ethuh onfortunate souls dat now sufferin’! Dah seem to be anethuh onknown date, so all I coulda tell she was to look up an’ keep t’inkin’ positive, an’ one day, she jes’ might get back wuh due to she!
I onderstan’ de PM now startin’ to show some interes’?  
C’dear, life ruff enuff as it is, an’ wid de way prices gine dese days, it en hard to onderstan’ why Philomena gettin’ on so! After all, she en got neffin in de Caymans, nor Switzerlan’ nor, fuh dat matter, not even home in a suitcase, so she mus’ get cruel an’ start cussin’ when she start wonderin’ wuh life hol’ fuh she.
She en de onlies’ one. My boy Obama mussee wonderin’ de same t’ing! Lookin’ at de Amurican elections, it seem Romney an’ dem rich white Republicans doin’ duh bes’ to get rid o’ he! Ef duh en tryin’ to stop early votin’, de rich bosses tryin’ to put de fear o’ God in staff ef duh vote fuh Obama. Donald Trump still spinnin’ mo’ hard dan a spider, dah tired, ole birf certificate tale. Evuh day, duh comin’ at ‘e wid somet’ing new! President Obama, yuh fightin’ big odds!
Tek care o’ yuhself,Yuh frien’ Babsie