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Fund to ease child support

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Fund to ease child support

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CHILD?SUPPORT, public transport and the unfinished St John Polyclinic are expected to come under lawmakers’ scrutiny when the House of Assembly meets today at 10 a.m.
Government is to take a step closer to ending the misery and frustration of mothers who almost daily brave different forms of weather to join long lines at magistrates’ courts in anticipation of collecting support for their children only to be disappointed on being told the father had not paid any money.
Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler will keep a pledge made in the 2012 Budget delivered in the House on?June 26 in response to a long-standing national issue of non-payment by delinquent parents by piloting a supplementary resolution for $400 000 to set up a fund for the payment of maintenance to applicants whose child support payments through the court system have been delayed.
“This situation has reached a particularly unsettling stage where on a weekly basis several parents who have ventured into the various Magistrates’ Courts to collect payments have had to leave empty-handed as these payments have not been made and court marshals have been unable to locate the delinquent parent,” he said then. (AB)