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Dressed up

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Dressed up

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Principal Matthew Farley, of Graydon Sealy Secondary School, was quoted on Sunday as saying that if other school principals stuck to the standardized dress code agreed upon in 2009, the 265 students he recently suspended would “look like a picnic”.
In the interview, he said he was a member of a school committee as part of the Barbados Association of Principals of Public Secondary Schools which came to a decision to institute the dress code. He said things such as hemlines two inches below the knee and banning scarves and mobile devices had all been agreed upon.
The MIDWEEK NATION went into The City and took a look at what students attending other schools looked like heading to and coming from their respective educational institutions. Bear in mind, however, that it is possible for students to look one way before and after school and another while actually at school.
Many of the students observed, particularly in the lower forms, were attired appropriately. Most of the infringements spotted were made by older students, all from different schools.
There were a few students from St Leonard’s Boys’ School and Metropolitan High School sporting the popular suede shoes. At least one of them had high-top suede sneakers with the bottom of the pants tucked into the top of the shoes – a definite no-no according to the agreement.
In addition, two boys from The Lodge School were wearing Clarks Lugger shoes, the types with the laces at the side.
Many of the short skirt and overall infractions did not appear to be indecent but the rules are clear – two inches below the knee – which means that three female Queen’s College students really should receive a warning.
Harrison College and The St Michael School also did not escape as female students from both institutions were spotted with skirts showing their kneecaps.
There were also instances of male students sporting earrings and both female and male students with their heads wrapped in scarves, among other infractions.
Interestingly enough, the most appropriately attired school children came from Graydon Sealy Secondary; they know their principal is very strict when it comes to the dress code. (CA)

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