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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Just a lot of long talk

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Just a lot of long talk

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The ceremony was simple but elegant. The speeches, though long, were inspiring. And the venue was magnificent. It was the perfect ambience to usher in the career of newbies.
But for many the whole evening was spoiled by what happened after the formalities were over.
There were no refreshments to quench the thirst of the attendees, not even a glass of cold water. Of course, people asked about this, but the smiling boss lady let it be known that there were no funds to cover refreshments.
People also grumbled about the washrooms; there were no hand towels, hand-dryers, or hand tissues in them so people had to resort to using toilet paper for everything.
One luminary was heard to remark that “hard times really hit we”.
They must answer
A little man was fuming at a meeting this week over what he claims were infelicities in the management of various projects.
Speaking in response to a question from the floor, the little man charged that one highly visible project was built after official permission had expired; part of it was on someone else’s property; and there were questions as to the relationship between the contractors and some of those overseeing the project.
Though the little man stressed that he was not pointing his fingers at anyone and would not engage in kicking around anybody’s name, he declared that someone had to come forward to explain the deficiencies so far uncovered.
Full speed ahead
Some see it as an example of how certain people are breaking for themselves. Others downplay that and are claiming it is really a case of ensuring a promise is fulfilled.
Whatever is the real reason, the fact is that a certain sporting facility is being dubbed the fastest Government project ever constructed because people are even on the job on weekends and late in the evening. From their frenetic pace, it seems they are striving to complete it very soon.
But what many of those looking on are wondering is how the residents in this middle income district where the facility is being built will respond to hordes of people coming in from the surrounding low-income areas to use it.
Those in the know are suggesting that though the man behind it all may indeed keep his promise, the location of the facility can lose him vital points when the time comes.
Political ‘dead weight’
One of the things some people think make a good politician is the individual’s ability to attend funerals and empathize with the family in their time of despair.
But what many people don’t like is when a politician turns up, goes to the front of the church to shake hands with the family of the deceased, signs the condolence book and then disappears without even singing one hymn.
Would you believe though that this is just what two big-up politicians did this week at the funeral of the relative of a certain important person? It left those who saw the action simply dumbfounded.
As one person said, it wasn’t so much what they did, but how they did it. According to this vexed mourner, the two seemed to be just going through a routine, rather than showing genuine concern about the departed.
And he argues that if they want to treat such delicate moments as a routine, then they should not turn up at all.