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PUDDING & SOUSE: Counselling for supervisor

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Counselling for supervisor

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Management of a certain business place has finally taken the plunge and sent a supervisor who was at the centre of a major dispute for counselling.
Several workers breathed a sigh of relief, happy that their cries were being heard at last.
They are hoping that the supervisor will admit his faults and take advantage of this necessary intervention.
While he is away, men at this business place are sure they will be able to use the bathroom without someone peeping at them.
A million ways
People are wondering what will happen if a young millionaire takes time out of her important travel schedule to respond to the recent charges made by an old millionaire.
Apparently, the old money-maker feels a bit slighted because the sexy damsel has not even acknowledged her million-dollar gift from him and has turned down his offer to make herself available to see her piece of the rock in his famous playground.
Who will win the battle of wits? The older, wiser one, who never backs down from a battle, has enough land, money and businesses to take on anyone and has earned national respect.
The young one has plenty of sex appeal and looks, some golden trophies to boot, lots of cash in the bank and international fame.
Tumbling down
A high-flying man who knows the ins and outs of the construction industry is busy demolishing the huge extension he added to his mansion and removing the big swimming pool in his backyard.
Apparently, he made his mansion the biggest and the tallest in the upscale neighbourhood, blocking out his neighbours’ view of the sea.
When many of them told him he was in breach of the covenant he allowed them to know that it was his land and he could do whatever he wanted.
Well, the neighbours marked their time and off to court they went. It was ruled that the covenant has to be respected.
What a shame that this man who is involved in the construction industry didn’t know better!
Supervisor MIA
A certain supervisor who is tipped to move into a senior position when the boss retires has definitely shown that she is not ready for the job.
The boss recently went on leave, putting her in charge but by the next day she had taken leave too!
The situation has left the office in total chaos since customers will have to wait for signatures.
Staff are waiting to see if this woman will still be the heir apparent, even though she has shown how incompetent she is.
In thick of things
A big man is now learning what the old people meant when they said: “You don’t take off your boots until you’re ready to sleep.”
Since making a decision to walk away after a successful tenure, there were suggestions that he wanted to get back what he freely gave away.
Pudding & Souse understands that as this is not possible, he plans to be in the thick of things when a coming event is announced, to show everyone he still has the winning touch.
Second chance
A man who had been drowning has been thrown a lifeline – much to the relief of his admirers.
They are, however, wondering if this time he will live up to their expectations.
These people are saying that this man had better step up to the board and make the right moves.