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Priest voices displeasure

Mike King

Priest voices displeasure

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An?Anglican priest has taken issue with some elements of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) for questioning his eligibility to preach at the party’s annual conference yesterday.
Before a packed Queen’s Park Steel Shed at the 74th edition of the party’s conference, Reverend Ryan Boyce denounced attempts by what he termed “an internal contemptuous tribunal and scrutinizing committee” to probe into his background.
“This committee sought the following information: whose father I buried, whose baby I?baptized, whose mother’s home I visit to take communion to, which politician has my cell number and BB pin, and how many sermons and addresses I gave during Lent,” he said.
The 32-year-old priest in charge of St Catherine’s Anglican Church said he was neither BLP, DLP?or PEP, and recommended that the personalities involved in politics undergo a “spiritualoscopy”.
Boyce said he was called to serve all people regardless of their denomination, sexual and political orientation and said that politicians should do the same.

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