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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Short man out of control

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Short man out of control

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A shudder went through members of a certain community recently when they were confronted with the action of the man with a Napoleon complex.
Many were calling it déjà vu and from their reaction they did not like it one bit. The short man made one of his speeches proclaiming what he would do once returned to a lofty office and sat back and waited for the applause.
But while he got the anticipated applause from those close to him, the observers were not so sure of the grand plan and responded accordingly. Apparently the speaker blew a fuse and, as is his wont, started making calls.
He challenged his critics but most of them did not back down. Some observers said he needed to be reminded that his stature and memory seem to be short and that it was because of similar behaviour he was booted from office.
His critics also warned the politico that he no longer had the backing of that weighty office, so he had better watch it. More importantly, they added, if he kept it up he might not have that crown resting on his head once the political pageant date is known.
Damage done
It appears that an unfortunate quote is coming back to haunt its speech maker over and over.
The sleepy politico is now truly awakening from his daze and coming to the realization that it was really a horrid analogy. He’s attempting to take back the gigantic mistake by including a reference to a more ferocious and kingly beast, but the damage is already done. He is now looked upon as more of a lamb.
At a recent event he sought to explain away the use of the analogy but the image is already seared into the brains of most and is providing humorous fodder for his enemy.
Admirers of this titan of words are saying that this is one time his eloquence has failed him. While they are unable to put it into fine language like the speaker, observers are saying it was a royal mistake.
Victory not so sweet
After a clash of two westerners on Eastern soil, the rush is on to diminish any mileage a certain money man might have gotten from the rumble in Tokyo.
It saw the dynamo jumping into the wrestling ring without even being tagged to take on a female wrestler of sumo proportions on the international scene. Admirers are saying that even though the money man was fighting out of his weight category, he inflicted some body slams. In the end, the heavyweight retreated to her corner.
But now the champ is battling some of his own who are claiming that his battle was anything but a triumph. Normally, his critics reserve their comments about him for every quarter but they have started the attacks early.
The perceived valiant effort is being described by his critics as nothing more than an out-of-place macho stunt. Others, however, are scoring the combat in favour of the local money man.
Egg on their faces
The buzz is still on after organizers of a major event were left with egg on their faces following the guest speaker’s revelation and warning.
Apparently, a search had been carried out high and low to ensure that the selected one was the answer to their prayers and was from among them. The self-appointed investigators wanted to know not just the who, but the where, when and how.
The young man had been seen in the company of an opposer but always in reverent settings. That was enough to cause operatives to be worried enough to turn into private eyes. But their searches failed to turn up that the man of the cloth was a straight shooter.
So in the name of the Lord the invitation was given out and fingers were crossed as an extra incentive.
However, what he delivered was not the usual sugar-coated speeches some in his profession are known for on occasions such as these. He ripped into the sneaky acts of the organization’s members, causing some of them to squirm in their seats. When his words were reproduced in black and white they caused further unease.
Word is that the blame game for the invitation is still going on.

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