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PUDDING & SOUSE: Angry over priest’s words

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Angry over priest’s words

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Mourners attending a recent funeral left the service very upset and rattled by the mouthings and antics of the priest.
Apparently, they felt that the outspoken cleric, who oftentimes puts his foot in his mouth, not only disrespected their elderly deceased relative, but also turned on the family whom he had known for several years and gave them what Bajans would call their blessings.
One family member, in particular, who does not hide her gay sexuality, was taken aback when he turned up his nose at her and told her in no uncertain terms that he did not like her.
The grieving family have vowed not to return to the rural church and they are also planning to write the hierarchy of the church about the priest’s behaviour.
Bully in the kitchen
The heat was turned up in the kitchen of a health institution when an in-house bully and her two partners launched an attack on another worker.
The out-of-control bully, who has been throwing her weight around because she was given the job by a senior politician, threw a Mike Tyson left hook on the poor woman, causing a massive injury to an eye.
Other workers who stood ringside watching the horrific attack have decided that they will no longer be working with this bully and want her removed from the kitchen.
As for the two women who hang around her like bees to honey, they are saying that both should be ashamed of spurring on the bully’s bad behaviour, especially the one who is supposed to be dealing with a serious health issue.
Upstairs and better off
Residents of a close-knit district are fed up with one of their neighbours, who is behaving as if she is Miss Almighty.
Apparently, since she built her two-storey house, she has started looking down on the other neighbours who used to help her when she had nothing. Even worse, she has forbidden the neighbourhood children from visiting her home.
The residents, who are disgusted with her holier than thou attitude, want her to know that attending church and proclaiming that she is a Christian does not erase the fact that she was a big drug dealer and that she built her house out of the proceeds of her vice.
They also want to know how she could be walking around with a Bible in hand when her daughter is constantly bringing her women to the house and she cannot speak to her about her lesbianism.
Angry neighbours are tired of this woman and just want her and her children gone from their once quiet and harmonious neighbourhood so that they can once more live in peace.
Wifey the real force
What an entertaining night it was last Monday for residents of a country district.
It appears that a member of the police Task Force was caught with his pants down by his dutiful wife.
From what people are saying, the officer has been sneaking around with a woman who lives at the bottom of the hill, while he and his wife live at the top.
On the night in question he drove into his mistress’ driveway as usual, got out of his car and locked the gate behind him, while the woman’s mother opened the door and let him in.
Little did he know that wifey was at a neighbour’s house watching the whole shebang. She then walked over to the house, let herself into the driveway, opened the car with her remote and drove it away.
Her husband, the outside woman and her mother all rushed out in a frenzy after hearing the dog making a ruckus but all they saw was the empty driveway.
The neighbours, who were laughing at the scene, are saying that the mother should be ashamed to let her daughter sleep around with a married man.
Guess we all know who is in the doghouse.