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No job cutting

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No job cutting

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MINISTER of FINANCE Chris Sinckler says some 7 000 temporary public officers would go on the breadline  unless Government borrowed to pay  their salaries.
Sinckler told a large gathering last night at the Christ Church Foundation School for a combined meeting of the Christ Church branches of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP),  that the Opposition had been harassing the administration to cut, but was  not stating publicly where the cuts should be made.
Explaining that 70 per cent  of the money that went to statutory corporations was for payment of salaries of workers in those entities, he said expenditure cuts would surely translate to major job losses.
“I asked them in the Budget one year, ‘Tell me where to cut’. I don’t mind cutting, but tell me where to cut. I ain’t cutting wages and salaries, I aint cutting staff and I can’t stop debt servicing’. So cut what?” he told a packed school hall.