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Bajan Yankees hoping for Obama victory

Tony Best

Bajan Yankees hoping for Obama victory

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Like 90 per cent of Black registered voters across the United States, Dr Velma Scantlebury, one of the world’s foremost organ transplant surgeons, is heading to the polls this morning with a single goal in mind.
“I am definitely doing my part to help get President Obama re-elected,” said Scantlebury, a Barbadian who lives and practises her medical specialty in Delaware and was the first black woman to perform an organ transplant anywhere in the world.“I am backing the president all the way, because he deserves four more years in the White House. He has earned it. He inherited a terrible economic crisis and he has done everything to put it right. He is a proven leader and Mitt Romney (the Republican challenger) is saying anything he believes people wish to hear in order to get elected. He has shifted his position so many times that it has become outrageous.”
Dr Derrice Dean, a Caribbean journalist who works in the Washington DC area but lives in a Maryland suburb, shares Scantlebury’s assessment.
“Of course, I will be voting for President Obama, no questions asked,” the Barbadian told the Daily Nation.