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One goal for the scoring by Mr Harris

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One goal for the scoring by Mr Harris

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FACED WITH?THE?CONTINUING charge of a conflict of interest, the recently elected Barbados Football Association (BFA) president Randy Harris still insists his involvement in the LIME Pelican Challenge does not make him guilty of such. He sees his twin positioning as a goal for football.
Admittedly, Mr Harris was long a part of the LIME Pelican tournament before becoming BFA president, and we well understand his rush to assist in an exercise that would give Barbados football its much needed fillip, given his profound interest in and support for the game.
And while when he was helping to organize the LIME Pelican becoming president of the BFA may have been far from his mind, the fact is that today he is simultaneously tournament organizer and head of the Barbados Football Association. And this must build some ill-ease for Mr Harris. It certainly does for his peers.
Mr Harris is on record as saying the BFA, which oversees the Premier League, Divisions 1, 2 and 3 and the islandwide Knockout Competition, should consider including the LIME Pelican Challenge and the David Thompson Memorial Classic under its calendar of events.
In the case of the LIME?Pelican, how could it be comfortable then for Mr Harris as BFA head to continue in an administrative role in this tournament?
Having overcome his troubles with the BFA, and having gained wide acceptance back into the fold from the sidelines he once seemed doomed to, Mr Harris has the task of lifting the level of Barbados football, popular at all levels, and ridding it of the inertia and sub-standardness that have bedevilled it over the years.
He must keep making sound and urgent decisions. One such must be the breaking of his hands-on involvement with the LIME Pelican Football Challenge, as long as he remains president of the BFA.
The Barbados Football Association, under the fresh administration of Mr Harris and team, has spoken to new governance rules requiring greater compliance, transparency and accountability. The objectives of Mr Harris and his team are noble. His pull-out from the LIME Pelican as an organizer would fit in perfectly.
And even as we mull over the conflict of interest, we are not unmindful of the natural attachment Mr Harris would have had to the LIME?Pelican as one of its original organizers, and the natural pain in walking away. We suggest therefore that on Independence Day, when the tournament comes to an end, that the BFA president take the opportunity to bow out gracefully, putting closure to what is by all reasoning an untenable twinning of preoccupations.
For an association so well established and looked up to, the BFA does not deserve this kind of continual diversion from the good Mr Harris can bring to bear on national football. The Barbados Football Association must ever remain the exemplary organization it ought to be.

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