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What’s Trending:New Orleans shooting

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What’s Trending:New Orleans shooting

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today.
The shooting in New Orleans in St Michael yesterday which left three men injured have readers talking today.
Ian Carter: “What is wrong with these young people?  Instead of trying to be productive Bajan citizens they are trying to ruin the Island. In my days growing up conflict was handled in a different way. Why is it that these people seem to think that violence is the answer? I know we have progressed as an Island, but I am seriously hoping this is not the price we are paying for that progress.”
Jimmy Alexander:  “Feuding? Really over what? Is it drugs or something else?  Don’t they know they’re only hurting their community and Barbados.”
Sharon Woolley: “And people wonder why tourism is down, A military spell on the front line in Afghanistan would do them the world of good, then maybe they would leave the guns alone.”