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Global recession crashes nightclub McBride’s

Natanga Smith

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A downturn in tourist traffic has led to the closure of the popular McBride’s Pub in St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church.
Greig Smith, a director of RGGS Enterprises Ltd, said it had “ceased operations” in the popular entertainment spot since Monday, November 5.
Smith, speaking to the WEEKEND NATION yesterday added: “After operating there for four years, we no longer do. RGGS Enterprises does not own the name McBride’s, nor the buildings or the items inside. We were leasing everything. We have moved out and the building is closed.”
He said one of his challenges was that “business has been slow and there was no money coming in . . . . The summer was dead”.
“[We] have been battling a downturn in tourist traffic to the area, not only caused by the global recession and overall economic downturn but also due to the fact that the tourist perception has become less positive about The Gap.
“The early closure of The Gap’s nightclubs for the benefit of hotels and condo complex owners’ guests is another factor that has made operations difficult for The Gap businesses.”
Smith said he did not know what the owner of McBride’s plans were.
“I do not know what he is going to do; if he is going to sell it, reopen it . . . . I cannot answer that question. Mark Cothran is the owner of the name and building.”
When contacted, Cothran said: “The building was leased with the name but as of now, McBride’s is officially closed. McBride’s will not operate from there any more. There is no more McBride’s.”