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Village ram using four women

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Village ram using four women

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Dear Christine,
Greetings in the name  of the Lord! You are doing  a great job.
The man I want to tell you about thinks he is the village ram, [as] he wants to sleep with any woman that would let him sleep with her. What I am telling you is as true  as John 3:16.
Can you believe  he is sleeping with four women?
He tells these women  so many lies, and they are so stupid that they believe him. He tells them lies about his wife who lives  in New York, but that woman is a nice person.
Would you believe he also has two small children and a teenage daughter whom he does not care for? This is the time he should have his daughter close to him,  but he sent her to live  at a woman in  St . . . . But God forbid, if anything should happen  to that child.
The other two children lost their mother three years ago. God rest  Miss . . . in her grave. She died not only from her illness but from  a broken heart.
This man is letting sex stop him from taking care of his children, fixing his house and putting teeth  in his empty mouth.
One of these women always feels so proud when the two of them are out. She rents cars for him to drive about other women; she has no shame and curses the short woman who cleans his house, cooks his food and washes his and his daughter’s clothes. She put out a man for him, but I think she needs to take back that man.
All this man is doing is lying to these women and using them.
If his wife is so bad, how come he is still with her? Their relationship is the longest one he has ever had. There are women who leave their children, go overseas and  never look back at them
His wife always  sends things for him  and comes home often  to visit him.
There are a lot of men who would like to have  a woman like his wife.
These other women with whom he is dealing are a bunch of shameless rats. I hope you will  be able to print all  of this. Thanks and God bless.
– V.R.
Dear V.R.,
I am sorry, but  I could not print your letter in its entirety.
I am not sure what your point was in writing the letter,  other than to send  a message either to these women, so their eyes would be opened, or to alert this man that you know what  he is all about.
I hope that those people who need  to be “party” to the information you have written will “wise up” and that this man will take stock of his ways and lifestyle.  – CHRISTINE