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DE MARKET VENDOR: High and lows of the US election

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: High and lows of the US election

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De United States presidential elections done, cost? Over US$6 billion (12 billion Bubbadus dollars), ah wouldn’t even try to calculate how much Guyanese dollars dat would be!
Wunnah don’t find it obscene dat a country fighting against Medicare fuh people who can’t afford medical insurance can spend over US$6 billion to elect a president, especially when they had one already doing a good job?
I will never understand how mankind could see nothing wrong wid dat but would allow poor people to die because they can’t afford to pay de doctor! Something wrong wid dat!
What I find interesting too, is how Team Obama put together a coalition of groups to mek sure of victory. Last year, I hear one of the analysts say that what people must remember most of all is dat de president can count! He was mekking de point dat Obama and he people know exactly what numbers dem need to put together and it look like dat ability to count really wuk fuh he! He even win Florida!
Today, is Presidential Election Awards Day:
To President Obama, I giving Worst Performance Award for de lacklustre showing in de first debate, and also to de president, de Comeback Kid Award, ’cause after de first debate he was dead in de water. He went from safe to sorry and Romney went from harmless to deadly! Barack got to explain dat first night one day.
Best Election Night Coverage goes to CNN fuh de Wall, awesome television. CBC, please take note, wunnah got one coming soon, start preparing.
Top Dog Award fuh me was John King! I wasn’t a fan before but nuff respect. When Romney was holding out pun conceding, King was defiant. He went to de Wall and show why Romney could not win.
Mistake Of Election Night Award, Mitt Romney; you cannot have only a victory speech but not one in case you lose! That is either arrogance or ignorance, same thing!
De Foot In Mouth Award to Romney, hands down. Yuh getting all de prizes in dis category fuh de following: “binders full of women” comment and fuh saying dat 47 per cent of de Amurcan people is freeloaders! Dem is tings yuh don’t say, not if yuh want to be president.
And then the Election Idiot Award, first, second, third all de way to tenth prize, to Donald Trump.
Jay Leno say de GOP could take courage dat Obamacare will work fuh dem, it will pay fuh de high blood pressure dem got after elections and David Letterman say dat Trump willing to pay Obama US$5 million fuh Obama to show his college records. Hear Letterman, he did, he hand Trump his Electoral College records!
I starting a movement and I need wunnah support. I, Market Vendor, gine offer Donald Trump $5 million to do either of the following: get a haircut from Line & Length Barber Shop or let one of de girls by Acrra beach braid yuh hair!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?