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What’s Trending:Freedom of movement

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What’s Trending:Freedom of movement

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
Issues surrounding the freedom of movement of Jamaicans to Barbados have come to the fore again.
This time Jamaica’s Minister Foreign Affairs Arnold Nicholson wants an urgent meeting with Senator Maxine McClean to discuss the matter.
This is how readers are weighing in on the matter.
Princess Tiny Neferua: “What problems Mr Nicholson? Please tell your people to stop lacing their stomach with illegal drugs and giving our civil servants plus our short hospital staff the unnecessary workload to process…When you have done this Mr Nicholson then we can have that urgent meeting.”
Robin Love: “As much as I’m half Jamaican as well as Bajan,  I still wish that Jamaicans would just stay home.”
Conchita Moseley: “Everyone wantsa chance in life but that is not the way. Legal is always the best way then you do not have to duck and dive.”
Henderson Yarde: “Tell the minister to tell his fellow Jamaicans to stop bringing in drug into our country and then there wouldn’t be this problem. Mind you, there are some decent Jamaicans who are getting affected by the madness of others.”
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