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Be encouraged

Corey Worrell

Be encouraged

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Got up in the morning after four and was able to spend some loud time declaring many things in the atmosphere over my life and my family members.
I generally don’t do quiet times because I have too much to say and I can’t say it quietly or keep quiet. I shout, sing, pace, cry, run, jump, kneel, dance and worship on my guitar, so it isn’t really quiet time for me.
Anyways, after a beautiful session in the presence of the Lord, giving honour and adoration and receiving instruction and revelation, I feel led to encourage you.
Where you are at right now is a place where you are being stretched. Each day seems like a task or a chore and there are many more questions than answers. It seems like the more you pray, the less God speaks or He is saying the same things over and over.
You feel like you have been on a plateau for so long.  You feel like you have been climbing a hill for a long time. You are tired of being tired.
If this is you, God is saying to you:
“I have pushed you out of your nest so you can trust me. Where you were, you were able to exist based on your own strengths, resources, knowledge and abilities. Where you are now, you have no other choice but to trust me. At the end of it all, all the glory and honour will go to me.
“Your nest was a safe haven you built, but if you stayed there any longer you would have killed your dreams and hindered your development. You have out grown that nest and I am preparing you for bigger and better. See this  as a season of preparation.
“When you did Common Entrance Exams, it was hard and stressful but it prepared you for secondary school.
“When you did CXC exams, it was even harder and more stressful, but that prepared you for CAPE exams or Barbados Community College (BCC).
“When you did CAPE and BCC, you thought it would never end but that prepared you for university.
“When you were at university, you thought it was the end, you sometimes felt like giving up, you thought it was more than you could handle, but you were able to press through because that too passed. At each point, you were stretched and stressed out, but that experience prepared you for what was to come.
“Muscle is only built when there is resistance and  a period for rest. Character is often built during times of crisis and hardship. Success is achieved only after the test. If you feel stretched, it is because I am preparing you for  a new season, new opportunities, new possibilities, greater resources, bigger dreams, new friends, new business ideas and greater influence.
“You will achieve none of this with the old grace,  old faith, old experiences, old favour and old influence.  You can choose to return to the old nest or you can trust  me to develop in you a new dimension of grace, faith  and favour which will help you in your new reality.
“You know something is happening to you, within you and around you. I know you can feel it. The problem  is, you can’t see it. That’s fine because I want you to walk  by faith and not by sight, for without faith it is impossible  to please Me.
“My children, the earth right now is going through an economic recession and many are afraid. Fear not, for My kingdom has never, can never and will never go through  an economic, resources, blessings, favour and miracles recession – never.
I urge you to seek Me first and My kingdom and My righteousness and all the above will be added onto you.
“Life has many choices. I am giving you two: stay in the nest or soar with me – the challenges and tests are greater outside the nest, but the blessings and opportunities  are even greater.”
Whose report will you believe? Selah.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth youth ambassador. Email [email protected]

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