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I really, really, really want a job

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

I really, really, really want a job

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Dear Christine, I often wonder why life is so hard. Most of the letters I read in your column are almost identical – about people who need help. It is heart-rending reading about their dire situations and knowing that you are not always able to help. There are stories of mothers not able to feed their children or send them to school, and stories of people not able to pay their bills. This reminds me of how things were for my mum not so long ago.
Christine, I am a 26-year-old young lady who desperately needs some help. It may be unfair of me to ask because I know there are people out there who may need your help much more than I do. However, this is my story.
Like many others who write to you daily, I need a job. Christine, sometimes I get upset because some people are able to change jobs frequently or have two jobs and I cannot even find one. All I keep hearing is “There are no vacancies” – that is if I get a reply.
After sending out lots of applications and making numerous calls to no avail, I decided to try furthering my education. However, that idea was not a boost at all. I am still unemployed. I applied to the ministry responsible for free adult education on numerous occasions and got no response. I then decided to try a tertiary education centre.
After explaining my position, which was that I could not even make instalments to pay for the course I had in mind, I decided, on the advice of a friend, to try the Canadian Work Programme.
However, unfortunately, I have no passport and no means of getting one, so I had to decline that offer.
Right now, I am on the brink of mental instability. Christine, today it seems that without certificates, you can’t get a proper job, but how can I get certificates if I can’t afford to pay for the courses?
Why do they have to be so expensive and why do these Government offices treat you like a beggar?
Then people are always saying the youngsters don’t like work. I have so much I want to do but can’t. Christine, please help me make the first step.
Dear Unemployed,
I understand your plight, and there are many others experiencing similar frustrations. I am publishing your letter because I believe there is someone out there who is willing to give you that chance to become part of the workforce. What I have noticed, however, is that you have not printed your name or contact number. Please resend us your information or call 430-5400 and leave your contacts with the operator.

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