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Slap in face on Facebook

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Slap in face on Facebook

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PEOPLE FROM a certain group have egg on their face after their poor-rakey attempts to put some heat under Prime Minister Freundel Stuart on social media backfired.
The tech-savvy busybodies set up a page on Facebook earlier this week called Fire Freundel, probably expecting an avalanche of supportive comments against the embattled Prime Minister.
Instead, they were bombarded with critical responses, with many saying that it was in bad taste. The condemnation was so widespread that members of the group were forced to take down the page and run back into the political shadows from whence they came.
The strategy was such a colossal failure that accusations and recriminations are now rife, as operatives duck for cover.
One well known operative sought to distance herself from the failed effort, stating categorically that she was in no way “involved with, nor supported the abject idiocy that has been peddled as political discourse on a Facebook page” called Fire Freundel.
Cou Cou wonders if this failed bid could be a sign that it won’t be easy to fire Freundel.
Editor’s Note: By yesterday evening the page was back up, though slightly altered.
Political poison
THE SILLY SEASON has not only brought out the party political creatures from every corner and crevice and from under every rock, but it has also seen the re-emergence of a once voracious e-mailer who had been muzzled after a big boo-boo.
Cou Cou understands this man is prepared to push his political poison as far as possible in the interest of maintaining his party’s dominance and has already began to weigh in on the issues of the day.
Those who keep close tabs on this man’s movements are wondering if, as usual, he will continue to elevate gossip and rumour to the level of fact; or if he will put this fiction to rest and focus on addressing the real concerns of the masses.
But Cou Cou would advise them not to hold their breath as leopards don’t ever change their spots.
School dilemma
A SCHOOL BOARD is wrestling with a very embarrassing situation, and trying to keep the lid on. It involves two students – a 17-year-old male and a 15-year-old female – and their continued education at the institution.
From what Cou Cou was told, the girl’s face was seen on one social media platform performing oral gymnastics with a young man in her school uniform. This was drawn to the principal’s attention by a member of the school’s vibrant alumni.
The girl was called in and she identified the boy. He was interviewed as well and confessed his participation.
Following this, the boy was asked to withdraw from the school, while the girl was punished by being sent to the school where deviant young people go.
Apparently, the parents were not informed that their children were being interviewed on this matter and both have objected to the punishment meted out.
The boy has returned to school and after initially being asked to leave the classroom he was in, returned with his lawyer and the principal had to give way.
The girl has returned to the school too and her mother is insisting on involving the police as she claims her daughter was forced to participate in the activity.
So the principal and board are now trying to contain this situation that threatens to blacken the name of this prestigious school if this story ever gets out.