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God at work in all of us!

Cheryl Harewood

God at work in all of us!

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Feet are made for dancing and the congregation of Disciples Training Centre danced and clapped away the final night of a recent crusade.
They set the hall of the Ignatius Byer Primary School in St Lucy ablaze with worship and praise in a service attended by pastors and members representing close to ten evangelical churches.
By the time visiting preacher Reverend Edwin Bullen was introduced by host pastor Reverend Sherwin Corbin the atmosphere had been fully charged for those present to feed on the spiritual food that was served.
Bullen’s message was entitled Seeing Things From God’s Perspective. In his usual energetic manner, Bullen took the congregation on a spiritual trip.
He shared lessons on the life of Job, noting that although God described Job as blameless, upright, one who shunned evil and a man who feared God, He still allowed Job to be tested and tried by Satan.
But he said that even though Satan might be at work in the lives of people, “God is also always at work, in control and holds all power in His hand”.
“God began to brag about Job’s righteousness. He said Job was perfect – a man who feared God,” Bullen noted.
“Any time God starts bragging about you, Hell will kick up but Heaven will stand up [for you]. And the power of God is able to keep you when you cannot keep yourself because it is God at work in all of us.
“People may know about your past but God is not concerned about your past. He knows and sees you as a new creation in Christ. Any time the Devil tells you about your past, remind him of his future. If you do nothing for God, the Devil won’t bother you. Likewise, let nothing people say about you bother you.”
Bullen reasoned that Satan was allowed to touch Job to show that Job was under God’s protection and was faithful to Him.
“God does not see you as man or the Devil sees you. God sees you for who you are, so see yourself from God’s perspective,” Bullen added.
He stressed: “God made a down payment for you when He sent His Son to die in your place and He cannot take it back. He is with us in the good times and in the bad times.”
He preached that despite Job’s many losses, he never stopped worshipping God, not even when his wife told Him to “curse God and die”.
Pinpointing the need for people to be very careful whom they linked up with, Bullen said Job turned around and prayed for his friends who had accused him of having committed serious sins, the reason for the loss of his children and cattle and his sickness.
He said by doing this, God turned Job’s captivity around.
Bullen urged the congregation not to hold grudges against anyone and to pray for persons who wronged them.
“Everything in our lives is for a reason and a season,” he said while asking individuals to gather around the altar for prayer.