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DE MARKET VENDOR: Petraeus goes from hero to zero

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Petraeus goes from hero to zero

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Life is funny. Yuh live yuh life right, work hard, do yuh best, sacrifice fuh fellowman and country, and lay yuh life, literally, pun de line everyday.
Yuh admired and respected by everyone fuh yuh scholarship and achievements; but yuh mek one slip, one indiscretion, do what all others does do day and night and, just so, yuh move from hero to zero, from idol to outcast, from Petraeus to Betrayus!
David Petraeus is one of de most decorated Amurcan soldiers of all time, a four-star general, a gorriliphant. He was de leader of the US operations in Iraq, admired and respected by presidents.
He was a hero; de man was so popular that after leaving de army he get appoint by President Barack Obama to head de CIA. He might even be a man de Amurcans woulda consider to be president one day.
Sudden so, all dat change. De man name pun de news morning, noon, and night after he drop a bombshell two days after de election by admitting he had an affair wid he biographer and offer he resignation to de president, which Obama accepted.
De networks grab onto dat piece of news like a wild dog pun a piece of raw meat. Dese days yuh can’t view TV without hearing ’bout all de salacious details; it is analysis paralysis! It does mek yuh sick; yuh would think de man running fuh pope!
We talking ’bout de CIA, not exactly a church group doing community work. De CIA involve in espionage, which is not like going to work at Starcom Network. Dem does bring down governments when duh ready so de holier than thou thing got muh a li’l confused.
However, de media loving it. Elections over, there’s not much to report now dat Obama back to work and Romney looking fuh excuses on why he lost. A friend send me a note and I decide to share it wid wunnah.
“Market, fuh de life of me I cannot understand wha’ all de uproar is about wid dis Petraeus matter. Yes, he and she married and both of dem was getting a piece pun de side but he didn’t give she any state secrets, arrange fuh she family to get Defence Department contracts.
“He wasn’t up in a hotel wid she percolating while some big military operation was going on. He didn’t send any army plane to pick she up. In fact, she travelled like any other military personnel and besides, de piece pun de side didn’t even happen while he was in de army.
“It was sex, pure and simple, outa sight and so discreet not even he aides did know ’bout it. But from de way how de media behaving, yuh would tink he was plotting wid terrorists to overthrow Obama.
“Wid no juicy stories at de moment, de media filling de vacumn wid dis one. De fact is two consenting adults was doing it and after four months dem pull up de zips and dat was dart, but de media having an orgasm trying to manufacture a story where there is none.
“By Amurcan media standards a lotta great Caribbean leaders woulda see duh careers end in disgrace.”
By the way, de name of Petraeus’ book is All In.
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?