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AWRIGHT DEN: So ungrateful

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN: So ungrateful

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A few nights ago, I sat in my living room and was telling God with tears flowing how challenging this season in my life is and how frustrating it is not to be able to buy certain things and satisfy some of my desires.
 Right there and then God said to me: “What you already have is much more than you currently need. Just look around you.”
 At first I didn’t really get it, but then I realized what He was saying was so true.
I have a family, a home and a wonderful, beautiful and pleasant wife. I have two beautiful and unique daughters.
I have a church family that loves me and supports me. I have pastors who want the best for me.
I have all my limbs and senses and a sound mind.
I have furniture, a TV, stove, fridge, microwave, washing machine, curtains, dining room table, laptop, Wi-Fi and a cellphone.
I am able to pay my rent, electricity, gas, Internet and Netflix. I have a vehicle, a job, clothes, shoes and a warm bed. I have a fan (thank you, Jesus, for that – lol)
I have soap, toothpaste, cream and mouthwash.
 I can sit and worry and complain about the things that I don’t have or that I want right now or I can choose to rejoice and be grateful for the things that I do have.
 When I look around me, God has blessed me indeed.
I know what it is like to have to walk most places, “bum” a lift or catch the bus, but now I have a vehicle. I know what it is like to have people laugh at my imitation brand name and cheap shoes as a child, so I rejoice and take care of my Kenneth Coles and Pumas.
I know what it is like to want to play guitar and for years no one would let me use theirs, so I rejoice and glorify God for the guitars I now have.
I know what it is like being in the mission field in Australia and having little while others would go to McDonalds every weekend and would swipe their debit card when they needed something, so I rejoice in being able to stop at a shop and buy a “bread and two” or even buy a hot dog from a gas station.
I remember being in Uganda and seeing no children at all wearing shoes, so I rejoice about the ones I do have.
I remember being in Haiti and learning that millions of children can’t afford to go to school or receive warm meals a day, so I rejoice about being able to get an education and for receiving school meals.
I remember being laughed at because when I was in fourth form I had never been on an airplane, so I rejoice and thank God for allowing me to travel to more than 20 countries.
I know what it is like to have to borrow a friend’s laptop or go by a friend to print a document, so I am grateful for my printer and Apple computer.
I know what it is like to be hindered from travelling due to a lack of funds, so I am grateful for those friends, strangers and organizations that paid and continue to pay for me to attend international conferences and go on mission trips.
I know what it is like not being allowed to voice my opinion and feeling like my contribution isn’t valued, so I rejoice and say a hearty thank you to Kaymar Jordan, former Editor-in-Chief of the Nation, for giving me this opportunity to write these articles.
Lord, I repent and ask your forgiveness for my ungratefulness. There is so much You have blessed me with and allowed me to experience, yet I complain. I ask You to help me renew my mind, reform my heart and reshape my attitude. Help me, Lord, to be grateful for all that You have given and continue to give and help me to share some of what I have with others.
I owed a debt I could not pay, and Christ paid my debt, which He did not owe, and for that I am eternally thankful.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth ambassador.