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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Barbados should always have pumpkin

Reverend Errington Massiah

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While shopping for some pumpkin for the St Joseph’s Parish Church Bajan Night, which takes place tomorrow from 6 p.m., I discovered that the commodity was not that easy to come by. But in the end I got some from two plantations – one in St Philip and the other in St Lucy.
During my search it was discovered that pumpkin was in short supply – which I cannot believe, for the month of November is known as conkie month in Barbados and every Bajan wants his or her conkie.
There should never be a shortage of pumpkin in Barbados for it is not that costly to produce – after a few weeks of care, pumpkin vines will take over the fields and that reduces the cost of growing this produce.
Come on! What are we doing in Barbados about agriculture with so many of our fields run over with bush and grass? We should never have a shortage of pumpkin in Barbados.
It was drawn to my attention that we import pumpkin from Guyana – what a pity! We should be growing all that we need. Some will argue that if you plant, the thieves will take over; that is true, but they cannot steal all!
The Bajan Night comes of in the car park opposite the church.