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DEAR CHRISTINE: He stopped calling now ex is back

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: He stopped calling now ex is back

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Dear Christine,
I am a 17-year-old female who is still at school. In fact, I attend one of the island’s top schools.
Earlier this year I met a really nice young man from another educational institution and we started having these long conversations on the telephone. Everything was going okay between us until a former girlfriend of his, who went overseas two years ago, returned home.
My friend did speak to me about her when we met and told me that they are very close friends from primary school. He told me that they dated and she was a special person in his life.
He never told me that they were still corresponding and led me to believe she was nothing more than a special friend.
Since she returned a month ago, I’ve hardly seen him; and we do not talk on the telephone as often as before – which was every night.
I have asked him if he cares about me and he says yes, but if this is the case, why are we seemingly not as close as before?
Let me point out that I have never been physical with him or anyone else. Do you think that this is the reason why he has seemingly run back into the arms of this girl?
Dear Confused,
First and foremost, you are probably preparing to take examinations shortly, if you have not started already. I would hate for you to be distracted at this time.
It would appear that this young man has some kind of interest in the young woman, but I cannot say for a fact that she is the reason why he is not calling as often as before.
Still yet, if I am to go by what you have written, I would tend to think that he has told you in no uncertain terms that this young woman is someone special to him. After all, they dated and who knows how deeply involved they had been?
I think you are a sensible and intelligent young woman and I commend you for not being intimate with him. Keep it that way!
Do not think for one moment that you have to give him your body to win his love.
Keep the channels of communication open between you two and stop trying to pin him down. After all, you’re both still relatively young and should be able to make friends with both males and females.
Stop worrying so much!
Unless he gave you some indication that you are “the one” don’t allow the long conversations each night to make you think you are. Then you’ll have no reason to be confused.