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Power base

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Power base

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Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says the Caribbean has the potential to be a powerhouse, with Barbados as its “natural leader”.
But he says this country needs to move away from simply being a service economy to fulfil its true potential.
Farrakhan, who arrived here yesterday afternoon for the second leg of a six-nation Caribbean tour, told members of the media and the local Islamic community that with a high income per capita, the most learned workforce and one of the finest institutions of learning in the region, Barbados must assume its role to lead the region to greater things.
“The Caribbean cannot survive as little nations with flags and anthems and suffering people when the unity of the whole of the Caribbean would make the Caribbean a regional power; and Barbados, in my humble judgement, is a natural leader in that process and that is a part of my message,” he told an airport news conference. (DP)