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Not me!

Barry Alleyne

Not me!

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Donville Inniss isn’t about to become the whipping boy of Parliament. Not even in the face of what he sees as verbal threats.
The outspoken Minister of Health has adamantly denied that in the House of Assembly last week Tuesday he provoked Member of Parliament for Christ Church West Dr William Duguid into making a number of caustic remarks which were broadcast live on radio to a national audience, and even went viral on YouTube.
Inniss’ stance came moments after Duguid formally apologized to the Lower House when it met yesterday. Duguid had also apologized to the country last Friday during a Press conference at which he claimed he had been provoked by comments from the other side which were directed at his wife and children, eliciting the unacceptable response on the floor of the House.
“I have kept silent until today. As a fellow parliamentarian, I commend Mr Duguid for attempting to apologize today (yesterday),” Inniss told the MIDWEEK NATION yesterday.
The minister said he has also been the subject of character assassination by members of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party since as far back as 2001, but was not in the least worried.