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DEAR CHRISTINE: Need a job so I can help my mother

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Need a job so I can help my mother

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Dear Christine,
I AM earnestly seeking some assistance from you as I prepare to continue my studies.
I am 19 years old andI live with my mum, who is not doing so well. She has had a series of operations in the past years and is currently recovering from her latest, which she had three months ago.
I have been looking for a job between my studies and have been unsuccessful to date.
I would really like to help my mum. After she pays rent she is left with very little to make it through the month. Many times our utility bills are high and we have to juggle to pay them. I am sick and tired of my mum having to borrow money and when she does, has no real way or means of paying it back.
Added to all this is my need to have a laptop computer. I need one to help with my studies. We do not have a telephone at home, but I have access to Wi-Fi – thanks to a kind neighbour.
Yes, I would also like a job – at least for the holidays – but I’d like someone to assist me with a laptop or even a desktop computer. I know at times some businesses upgrade their computers and may have one they can donate.
Christine, many times the older folk says the youth are not doing anything with their time, but not all youth are the same.
I am still a virgin and have no interest in the opposite sex right now. When I was younger, I had big plans to become a doctor, but due to my mum’s inability to send me to university, I am turning my attention to another career.
I have acquired six CXC certificates and I am looking forward to entering the Barbados Community College next year. In the meantime, I want to continue my studies.
Please help me and my mum if you can.
I am simply asking for a start so I can make life better for me and for her.
Thank you.
– L.D.
Dear L.D.,
I commend you for staying focused and for concentrating on your studies. Both are very important if you are going to make it big in life. And you can!
I am placing your letter in this column with the hope that someone will help you acquire that computer to help with your studies and that you will also get an offer of a job.
Keep your chin up and keep your hope alive. I will contact you regarding any offers.