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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Assaulted girl in a pickle

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Assaulted girl in a pickle

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The parents of a first form secondary school student are crying out for justice because, they claim, their daughter was sexually molested by a fourth former, and although the authorities have been informed about the incident, the boy is still at school.
The sordid story was related to Cou Cou as the parents are fed up with what they claim is the seeming inaction of the school’s officials concerning the matter.
What has the parents even more distressed is that information on the incident has leaked out to the student body and the girl is being ridiculed. Since this treatment comes after the girl had to go through the trauma of being tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, she is finding it difficult to cope at school.
Cou Cou wonders if this incident will have to blow up like the Alexandra School situation before the officials at this institution act decisively.
Drama over school sex
Two weeks ago we told you of the dilemma a certain school board was wrestling with, involving a male and a female student and their continued education at the institution.
Well, that matter has now gone before the courts, and though there was an adjournment in the case, discussions are reportedly ongoing to solve it quietly.
For those who came in late, the girl’s image was seen on a social media platform performing oral gymnastics. When quizzed, the young man admitted that it was a part of his anatomy that was seen. Subsequently, the boy was asked to withdraw from the school, while the girl was sent to another institution.
However, the boy returned to school with his attorney, and the principal was caught in a quandary. The boy’s parents then brought a case against the school.
Health and politics
It seems general elections can’t come too soon for the family of a certain big shot.
Word is the individual is having a number of health issues, which would best be dealt with through sustained rest and reduced stress. This is why he has been keeping a low profile.
So worried about him are this individual’s loved ones that they have told his colleagues his health is more important than politics, and they will not allow him to endanger himself.
As this man is key to the aspirations of his team, he is unlikely to back out. However, a keen watch is on to ensure his health does not hit rock bottom.
Too many cooks . . .
Would you believe that though veteran workers at a certain statutory body have complained about having too many inexperienced members of staff but not enough equipment and materials to get their job done, 30 more people have been hired?
The question now being asked by the longstanding workers is this: if things were so bad before, how are these new workers going to be absorbed in the already cramped headquarters?
They are also wondering how these workers will be paid since this corporation is one of those for which Government has been borrowing money monthly to pay staff.
Let the race begin
The political fund-raisers have begun. One was held recently at $500 a plate, and from all reports it was standing room only.
Someone in the know said it was a veritable who’s who of Barbados in attendance. Even supporters of the other party were there.
The talk is that if these people are so openly financing such dos, what does that say about what people think of the party?