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Equipped to take on the world

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Equipped to take on the world

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Those at the frontline of Barbados’ tourism are being better equipped with knowledge about the country’s history and geography and skills to upgrade their customer service.
Dozens of tour?operators and taxi-drivers have just benefited from a six-week transport operator training course at the Barbados Community College held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism.
Historian Trevor Marshall, one of the course facilitators, told the DAILY NATION that Barbados was behind some of its neighbours in this respect and must continue courses like these in a big way.
“Equipping your tour guide operators, those who are the spear point of the battle, who meet with tourists, equipping them with fundamentals of knowledge about their country, about deportment, about management of their operations, that is something which is the norm  . . . ,” he said. (MK)