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Security guard won’t stop begging workers

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Security guard won’t stop begging workers

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Dear Christine,
I ENJOY READING your column, but now I feel the need to write to you.
I am a general worker at a Government agency located in St Philip.
Almost every day a security guard, who hails from another island, comes around begging our workers. We are sick of her doing this and would like her to stop.
We would like the company to do something about this woman. She even begs my husband to pay her bills and rent. She begs for lunch and does not speak well to people when they come on the compound.
We called the company where she works and yet she is still there. This is our last resort. They need to get her from here or else! I hope the security firm she works for does something about this situation fast.
Dear Upset Worker,
I am not sure what miracle you’re asking me to perform. I think you and your co-workers need to band together as a group and have a one-on-one talk with this woman. She may just need a wake-up call.
Let her know you are not happy with her unprofessional behaviour. You can also ask the management of your company to look into the matter, perhaps by making an official complaint to her employers.
Officials at the security company where she works should not take any request to have her spoken to lightly.
After all, this company comes under scrutiny as she is no doubt wearing its uniform when she misbehaves herself in any manner.
We do not know for a fact what this woman may be going through in her personal life, so whatever action is taken should be taken out of love.