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Awake O City

Corey Worrell

Awake O City

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Over the last few days I have been hearing people talking about an event called Awake O City. I went on Facebook and there was discussion about it there as well. I decided to contact those who are involved in the leadership of the event and asked them to send me some information on it. Below is what I received, and I want to share it with you.
A lot can be said about us by the things we subconsciously choose to focus on at any given time. You could have a long and detailed conversation with someone and the only thing that resonates with you is how they spoke, when the person complimented you, insulted someone or complained.
Some of us are so well versed in cursing that when we hear someone having a conversation and punctuating the sentences with swear words, we are miraculously able to filter out the swear words and hear only the intended content.
In recent months and years our national attention has been focused on the economy. We have filtered out the remarkable successes of business owners like Sir Kyffin Simpson, the many young and highly qualified Barbadians that live and work here, the damage that climate change has brought to our West Coast beaches. On call-in and television programmes the focus generally comes down to what is more salacious.
We have observed that as much as people have claimed disappointment in the church, there is still an ember of hope that someday the church will “do something” about the social ills. We have silently and openly blamed the church for many of the problems that pervade our social landscape, sometimes rightly so. This is because we have filtered through the mistakes of leaders, hypocrisy of some members and concluded that God is still in charge of the church.
We too have filtered. In the midst of my focusing on all of the social, political and economic issues that impact on our daily lives, we have missed out on something. In 2012 there has been an exposure of many issues that we as a nation thought we had covered, such as child abuse and the extent to the brokenness in families.
Many people have been returning to the church and to Jesus. One gospel station was closed and another one owned and operated by Christians opened. There have been people praying constantly in The City. People pass out tracts, preach and cry in the streets, hold their loud speakers and implore Barbadians to turn to God. The daily feeding of the poor, homeless and the needy has shown the heart of God through the individuals and organizations who labour in love.
2012 has been a year of success for the church.
Many stores in Bridgetown are now managed and staffed by Christians. Gospel music now fills the air in Swan Street where it was once filled with “banja”. People are activated to get up and to find hope. Bridgetown is recognized as a place of global significance and we now have more living centenarians than ever.
Now we have come to learn about one more effort to lift Bridgetown. Young Christians and their leaders have chosen to come together in unity.
AWAKE O CITY: A call for Barbados to unite in prayer for our nation and celebrate God at Kensington Oval on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. The event happens to be free and everyone is invited to gather at the Oval to pray and celebrate God as Lord of Bridgetown and Barbados.
When the church in the nation joins together in sincere, penitent prayer, significant breakthroughs occur.
It is easy for us to be a part of the problem, but every possible solution is worth exploring. If you share the desire for Barbados to surpass all expectations, then join us there. Your presence in this event will be significant to breakthrough for our people.
There are three ways in which you can be a part of this celebration:
Pray – every day leading up to the 12th
Promote – within your assembly; spread the word.
Pledge – resources, money, time
For more information about Awake O City, search for us on Facebook and like our page. Hope to see you there.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth ambassador. Email [email protected]