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A perfect blend

Natanga Smith

A perfect blend

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FAS Entertainment are to be commended for putting on a show last Saturday night at Kensington Oval that allowed visitors and locals to see acts that they would probably never have a chance to enjoy.
While it was a bit too long, sources said that should be blamed on the lengthy band changes for Third World and Junior Gong.
Barbadian acts Nexcyx and Buggy were quite refreshing. Nexcyx’s lead singer Mahalia said the band’s first time at Hennessy Artistry was a great experience and the band made sure to perform the songs that had the most energy.
Buggy, who flew in from Qatar where he is on a six-month contract, said he loved his Bajan crowd and his fourth time at Hennessy Artistry was part of his contract.
Store owners, hairdressers, nail salons, seamstresses and other small entrepreneurs “made a killing” from the show.
It was a pleasure to see many forsaking the leggings and jeggings and making an effort to outdo each other in the shortest of dresses, the longest of gowns, the highest of heels and even the cutest of flats.
The VIP crowd had a ball. With Hennessy flowing and eight food stations, many heard but did not see the show as they didn’t leave the VIP area. They certainly made sure their $300 was well spent.
Third World, the first big act, was very accommodating to the media backstage. They have been together for 39 years and even though the band has new members, spokesman Cat Coore said it was bigger than the individuals.
They will be re-releasing their album Patriot next year. The band flew from Jersey to Florida, their home base, then to Barbados for the show. They again apologized for missing Reggae On The Hill in April.
Queen Ifrica was a gracious lady, signing many autographs and posing for countless pictures. Sizzla was knocking fists and taking pictures long before his time on stage at 4 a.m. Again, thank you to Sizzla and FAS for picking an artiste that isn’t hung up on himself.
Damien Junior Gong Marley was guarded by two big guys who thought he was going to be attacked by many overzealous fans. Yet, after they had blocked many from taking pictures with him in the tent after the show, it was the artiste himself who decided that the fans who bought his music and bought tickets to his show deserved special treatment.
He took pictures with all who had cameras, cellphones or who posed in other people’s pictures. He even stayed behind to watch his Jamaican compatriot Sizzla perform. Gong, based in Florida, affirmed that Affairs Of The Heart was written for someone special.
While members of the media understand the need for safety due to the fireworks being utilized by the artistes during their sets, it doesn’t help when they are barricaded into a little corner and made to jostle each other to snap pictures of the performances.
Thanks must go to the security personnel who allowed photographers two minutes for each artiste before and after the fireworks to capture the event so those who could not attend the show would at least get the pleasure of seeing the pictures.
The show was flat at times but FAS must be commended for the calibre of artistes they bring each year. Can’t wait to see the line-up for next year.

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