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Christmas tree rush

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Christmas tree rush

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Christmas trees are a hot commodity these days.
Bajans from all walks of life are flocking to lots and warehouses to add the pine smell from the live trees to the other scents in their homes and businesses that tell all and sundry that Christmas is in the air and fast approaching.
The big day is just about two weeks away and at least two businesses are out of the cheaper and smaller pines, which went like hot cakes. One place had a tree that was as tall as 20-feet. Those who had the pleasure of going to Carols By Candlelight at Ilaro Court last Sunday would have seen it. (YB)
Here, strongman Kris Holder was busy yesterday at Atlantic Marketing in The Belle, St Michael, where customers bought more than half of the live Christmas trees in a matter of five days.