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DLP COLUMN: Beeware of . . .

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DLP COLUMN: Beeware of . . .

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The recent rejection by the public of Barbados of Owen Arthur’s 15 point plan has scuttled his second coming. He has opted to retool and come again.
We have been reliably informed the Arthur strategy is one of promise, promise and then promise. Reports reaching our desk indicate the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) candidates have employed a reckless strategy aimed at hoodwinking the voting public. The attempts to recapture Government at all costs are in effect. We are therefore advising the voting public to beeware.
We are advising the public to take the time to remember what the reckless Arthur administration became known for in their three terms of office – unbridled spending! The unbridled spending has come home to haunt our small open economy. In about three weeks this country will have to find $30 million to make a payment on the HMP Dodds. This project has become the flagship symbol of the Opposition. Arthur attempted to distance himself from the project and apportion blame to his former deputy. The denial of his presence at the Cabinet meeting is a matter of public knowledge and trust. We are therefore advising the voting public to beeware.
The public must also not be allowed to forget the political love Arthur has for the “chattel house” politician occupying prime land. The female in the person of Cynthia Forde has obstructed Arthur from conducting the affairs of the party in his way. The unknown meeting held with the St Thomas branch without the presence of the Member of Parliament drove a bigger wedge between him and the MP for St Thomas. Embracing his former political nemesis Clyde Mascoll and now co-leader has revealed the character of the man. We are therefore advising the voting public to beeware.
Arthur is on a quiet but known campaign to use Mia to his advantage, but this can be seen by the public. The kiss and make up charade cannot replace the hurtful and pointed comments regarding her suitability to lead. In the interest of love for himself, Arthur throws himself at the mercy of the party by pretending to publicly reach out.
The consistent illustrations of how Arthur treats and feels about the females around him have come to define his tenure in office. The public firing of Liz “Cantankerous” Thompson , the attacks on Cynthia, Mia and non-appearance at the endorsement meeting of Sandra Husbands all point to character. There can be no doubt that Arthur has a problem with females who appear to have a contrary view. It is this low tolerance for the non-Arthur view and his response that all point to his character. We are therefore advising the voting public to beeware.
The upcoming election will ask the voting public to choose between the leader described above and the responsible and focused, one that has kept Barbados stable and secure, the Honourable Freundel Stuart, our leader and Prime Minister. The choice is clear . . . Vote Dems. We are therefore advising the voting public to beeware!   
• Douglas Leopold Phillips is a pseudonym for the Democratic Labour Party.

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