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Still hope for Buyers Club

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Still hope for Buyers Club

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DELAY?by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) in bringing the long promised Buyers Club to fruition is a major source of regret for president Walter Maloney.
In an interview at the NUPW’s Dalkeith, St Michael headquarters, Maloney revealed recent negotiations had fallen through.
“I know we’ve been talking about this now for the last four and a half years . . . but the thing is, up to last year, about 14 months ago, we were pretty close to signing a deal with some investors but, as you know with what is happening with the world economy, things flopped out.”
Maloney said all hope was not lost as there were still potential investors expressing interest but lamented the time it was taking.
“If there is one thing I am really sorry about it is that the club has not been up and running before because I know it would take a lot of strain off public servants. [That is] one thing I would like to see happen. . . .
“Sometimes the road is long and hard but if something is for the good of the people, you can’t give up on it. This is something we had hoped to have already started but we have also reached a point now where we can’t abandon the idea. (CA)