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Duguid, Inniss cross swords

Ricky Jordan

Duguid, Inniss cross swords

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A heated verbal clash took up more than 30 minutes of yesterday morning’s sitting of the House of Assembly, as Member of Parliament (MP) for Christ Church West William Duguid and Minister of Health Donville Inniss were constantly on their feet.
With voices raised, both men repeatedly stood up after Duguid stated that in the past year the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) had been paying double for gloves from a foreign company and had spent a quarter of a million dollars in unusable gauze which could not now be found.
“The QEH has become a cesspool of incestuous procurement!” Duguid loudly told the chamber.
In denying these charges, Inniss said Duguid had friends in the QEH who fed him information without getting the whole picture, and the allegations were designed to cast aspersions on hard-working people in the Ministry of Health.