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Murray’s election a plus for QPCC

Colin Croft

Murray’s election a plus for QPCC

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This article was supposed to have been about a grand celebration!  
Finally, quite positively, West Indies cricket seems to be on that absolutely correct pavement to unearthing new, exciting talent, with its recent re-merger with all of its constituents; civil, political, social.  
Additionally, there is that extremely refreshing, hopefully productive, alliance with Barbados-based merchant bank Verus International, to help finance some of our cricket, hopefully to higher standards and better results.  
This has been a very long time coming, and is certainly a very welcome addition.
Every Caribbean youth under age 20, who plays cricket at any level, male or female, should be rejoicing fully.
I also noticed that Queen’s Park Cricket Club (QPCC), with its famed cricket oval of the same name, one of the Caribbean’s and world’s premier cricket venues, has elected former West Indies vice-captain Deryck Lance Murray to be its new president.  
That really is as good as it gets for Trinidad and Tobago’s cricket.  
This appointment, coming so soon after the death of his father Lance Murray, is the latest manifestation of concentric lives of outstanding cricket service to their nation and the region.
Hardly have two generations given so much to Trinidad and Tobago’s and West Indies’ cricket.  
With cousin Colin Murray also appointed “captain” – whatever that means – this could even be called a massive cricket coup.
I would hasten to hope, as I am everlastingly optimistic, that, one day,  I would even be re-invited to the club’s annual events.  
Amazingly, I have lived in Trinidad and Tobago since 1992, and have only been officially invited to events at QPCC twice. I really cannot remember “doing anything” to anyone there.
It is also pleasing that my dentist Dr Nigel Camacho, “Trini Posse Man”, and former Trinidad and Tobago and West Indies manager Colin Borde have been elected to QPCC’s working team, “captained” by Colin Murray.
Knowing how dynamic these three are, and determined too, I expect, like West Indies, even better results there.  
But, having recently lost a wisdom tooth, I wonder if Camacho would have any time to save the rest.
So, especially, that franchise proposition is like jingle bells to my ears, for few really know the sacrifices that people like me had to make to even think of, much less actually playing, for West Indies internationally.  
I really can only hope that the young players who really deserve assistance, might it be gear, travel, sustenance, even basic dentistry, all taken for granted but necessary for success, get their due.
• Colin Croft is a former Guyana and West Indies fast bowler.